Cosmopolitan Basel

The cultural capital of Switzerland. A dynamic economic centre. A research stronghold. Basel has always been a small city with a global outlook.

Buvette am Rhein

Living in Basel

Urban and green. Vibrant and family-friendly. Innovative and traditional. Basel reconciles the extremes to create its own blend of high-quality life.


Basel has power: Economic power. Basel is the most dynamic economic region in Switzerland, it is also one of the most productive and most innovative in the world.

External relations

Basel has established close partnerships with Shanghai, the U.S. state of Massachussets, and Miami Beach. Basel is also a team player at regional level.


Strolling through the picturesque old town, admiring world-renowned works of art, shopping in the pedestrian area. Basel has it all for tourists.

Arts and Culture

Cultural capital of Switzerland. A high claim indeed, which Basel easily justifies as home to over 30 museums, a renowned theatre house and buildings designed by world-famous architects.

Basler Herbstmesse


Visitors are spoiled for choice in Basel: Festivals, fairs, sporting events and recreational events are all competing for the audience's attention.

City of excellence

Throughout history, Basel has always produced and attracted extraordinary talent, from Paracelsus and Nietzsche to Roger Federer.