Theatre is alive

In addition to the main Theater Basel, there are around 25 small theatre groups of all types and genres.

Theater Basel.
Basel Theatre is the largest in Switzerland that houses the three different sectors of the performing arts.

Theater Basel

The Theater Basel is the centre piece of theatre life in Basel. It is run as a threefold stage, with some thirty opera, drama, and ballet productions a year. In order to build a new central stage, a private group of theatre-loving ladies collected the funds needed. In 2002, the new Schauspielhaus was opened, so that Theater Basel has now three stages to perform.

Fringe Theatres

There are around 25 other theatres of various sizes in Basel. Among them the Kaserne, several children’s and young people’s theatres, such as the Junges Theater Basel, the dialect theatres of the "Fauteuil" and "Häbse" theatres, the Vorstadt-Theater, the Basler Marionetten-Theater (puppet theatre) and a whole range of basement and itinerant theatre groups. Large events are regularly staged at the Musical Theater Basel.

Guest Performances

In addition to its own productions, the Theater Basel regularly invites foreign theatre companies for guest performances. This is also the case for the Musical Theater Basel, where large shows are staged and the festival “basel tanzt” is held every year.

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