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PASC18 Conference

PASC Committee

PASC18 is the fifth edition of the PASC Conference series, an international platform for the exchange of high performance computing competences in computational science, with a strong focus on methods, tools, algorithms, and application challenges. PASC18, co-sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), will be held for the first time in Basel.

PASC18  seeks to engage participants from academia, research labs and industry to address important issues in HPC and computational science. PASC18 is inviting researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange of expertise. The conference is an opportunity for researchers in branches of science that require computer modeling and high-performance simulations to discuss computational techniques and technologies.

Date & Time

02. July 2018 -
04. July 2018

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More information about the conference, including submission deadlines and participation details, can be found at the following link:


Congress Center Basel