40th Christmas Market Münsterplatz & Barfüsserplatz

Christmas market on Barfüsserplatz

The heart of “Christmas in Basel” beats on Barfüsserplatz: It offers everything for the most beautiful time of the year! With 118 shops the “Barfi” amazes visitors of all ages with a spectacular variety of gifts, decorations, fine crafts and seasonal specialities. The delicious dining options can satisfy any hunger and quench any thirst. The view in front of the Barfüsserkirche extends across the white roofs of the pretty market stalls. More stalls around the church spread the Christmas spirit and carry it over the Kaufhausgasse out onto the Freie Strasse.

Opening hours:
Christmas Market 23.11. to 23.12.17
Open daily from 11.00 am to 8.30 pm (only until 8.00 pm on 23.12.17)

Directions on public transport:
Tram 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17
Tram 10 (Theatre stop, footpath approx. 3 minutes)

Map Barfüsserplatz

Christmas market on Münsterplatz

As has now become customary, a magnificent Christmas tree decorated by Johann Wanner stands before the historic cathedral. A source of true inspiration, you are sure to find the right Christmas tree and the decorations to go with it right here. There are also plenty of scrumptious treats and dishes to choose from. Let your nose do the walking as you follow the scents under the shining snow globes between the old chestnut trees and high-quality products. Both old and young alike can create little Christmas treasures and find fun and excitement with the Robi-Spiel-Aktionen activities. Even your eyes will sparkle!

Opening hours:
Christmas Market 23.11. to 23.12.17
Open daily from 11.00 am to 8.30 pm (only until 6.00 pm on 23.12.17)
Robi-Spiel-Aktionen 30.11. to 22.12.17
Mon. to Fri. 1.30 pm to 7.00 pm, Sat. and Sun. 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Directions on public transport:
from the Kunstmuseum stop, Barfüsserplatz, Marktplatz and Schifflände (within walking distance)

Map Münsterplatz

Sennenhütte on Claraplatz

Catering options 23.11. to 23.12.17
Open daily from 11.00 am to 8.30 pm

Market stands at the Christmas market

  1. Barfüsserplatz

Market Stalls & Traditional Crafts

1 Lüscher-Zone: Designer Jewellery

2 pirates-ship.ch: Treasure chests and jewellery boxes

3 Coco: Metal and wooden signs

4 Winteler: Nativity figures and nativities

5 Masciorini: Jewellery, stone and wooden rings

6 Born: Silk scarves, accessories

7 El Indio: Woollen products

8 Glastempel: Tiffany glassware

9 Havel Artisanat & Swissherb: Fragrances

10 Kyburz: Knives, scissors

11 Atelier Maïthé: Jewellery, scarves

12 Gysin: Angels, stone jewellery, mobile phone cases

13 Cashmere Palace: Cashmere items for men and women

14 Cello’s Bienehüsli: Products made from honey

15 Reimann: Asian products

16 Asiaspiel: Puzzle games

17 Argento: Fashion jewellery

18 Big Time Stempel GmbH: Stamps and accessories

19 Schmidlin: Natural leather goods

20 Peter: Textile furnishings for the home, tablecloths

21 Aebi: All kinds of porcelain cups

22 zum Pinocchio: Wooden toys

23 Santa Claus GmbH: Pewter Christmas figures

24 Meier: Minerals, gems

25 Geiser: Wooden toys

26 Hanta Yo Ledertechnik: Leather belts and belt buckles

27 The Pretty Sixty: Store Decorations and gifts

28 Rex Metall AG: Creative games

29 Gautschy: Glassware

30 Siragusa: Angels

31 Schmelzer: Cards and calendars

32 Vögtli: Glass decoration, art cards

33 Gloor: Textiles handicraft

34 Eberle: Cowhide bags

35 Heintz: Glass blowing

36 Hartmann: Gifts for young children

37 LUCEVA: Decorations and jewellery made from stone

38 Utinger-Ryser: Small toys and tin toys

39 Winkelmann: Paper Christmas stars

40 fallegger-geschenke: Gifts

41 Redes-Import: Alpaca knitwear

42 Krippenfiguren-Atelier: Nativity figures

43 Seelhofer: Toys

44 Atelier Muse: Natural cosmetics

45 Wüthrich + Partner: Stone jewellery, minerals

46 Weizenkorn: Wooden toys, candles

47 Diethalm-Rodriguez: Christmas tree decorations

48 Wide World Designs LLC: Woollen products

49 Klinge: Magic pens

50 Boutique Black & White: Elves, dragons and fantasy figures

51 Hachem T.: Woodwork

52 Hachem R.: Wood, silk

53 Mercifair GmbH: Gifts

54 Sandro Infanti designs: Unique jewellery

55 Winnim: Craftwork from Laos

56 Krayer: Mirrors, glass

57 Haverland-Lorenz: Gemstone jewellery, felt products

58 Kyburz: Christmas decorations

59 Betma: Pottery and floral products

60 Corbo: Candles from Peru

61 Stiftung Job Training: Candle-dipping, candles

62 Paul: Traditional Erzgebirge folk art

63 Akut Store: Asian handicrafts

64 Head-Line: Hut-Pavillon Hats and accessories

65 Spiegelberg: Angels, elves

66 Boutique Black & White: Elves, fantasy figures

67 Heaven and Angels: Angels of all kinds

68 Schmidt: Traditional Erzgebirge folk art

69 Kashmir Art GmbH: Silver jewellery, incense sticks

70 Aber Hallo GmbH: Products made from olive wood

71 Duftschloss AG: Aromatic essences

72 Kerzenwerkstatt: Candles, accessories

73 Grieder: Knitted wrist warmers, knitted caps

74 Peppino-Kindermode: Children’s clothing

75 Serieys: Textiles

76 Santa Claus GmbH: Basel Christmas decoration

77 Die bunte Werkstatt: Arts & crafts

78 Basler Papiermühle: Paper products

79 Kulpa: Christmas baubles

80 Globomat AG: Grape seed cushions

81 Lipej: Minerals, stone cutting/polishing

82 Wallnöfer-Grond: Carved wooden figures

83 Candy Flowers: Bags, purses, wallets

84 Haag: Silicone cooking and baking products

85 Fimowelt: Fimo figures

86 Di Micco: Nativities and figures from Naples

Catering & Food

87 Casa Marco: Italian specialities

88 Lang Metzgerei AG: Engel Café

89 Lang Metzgerei AG: Food and grill stand

90 Confiserie Jonasch: Confectionery and Christmas biscuits

91 Menz: Sweet treats – marshmallow puffs

92 Dresdner Stollenhandel: Dresden stollen

93 Seiffert: Marzipan, nougat

94 Stadtcasino: Mulled wine

95 Confiserie Sprüngli: Christmas biscuits, mulled wine

96 Herzig: Mulled wine, confectionery

97 Boos: Bakery with wood-fired oven

98 Wolf: Christmas Café

99 Maier: Christmas pyramid

100 Gasser-Wolf: Christmas lounge

101 Enz Premium Spezialitäten: Cheeses, dried meat

102 Schoggipeter: Hot chocolate

103 Zihlmann: Chäsbängel (baguettes filled with melted cheese)

104 Meerkämper: Delicatessen

105 Buchser: Berlin Bakery

106 Liechti: Feuerzangenbowle (red wine punch)

107 Gasser: Crêpe shop, waffles

108 Gwürzegge GmbH: Spices, tea

109 Leuppi: Confectionery

110 Serieys Erlebnisgastronomie: Raclette and fondue lounge

111 Motel One Switzerland GmbH: Mulled wine stall

112 Alphüsli: Mountain and alpine cheese

113 Thiersteiner Bräu: Specialities from Graubünden

114 L&L Schaustellerbetriebe: Grilled foods, langos

115 Läckerli Huus AG: Läckerli (traditional hard spice biscuits), confectionary products


116 Wolf: Children’s Ferris wheel