Basel – City of Excellence

Basel is world class. In terms of education, science, business and culture, this cosmopolitan Swiss city is up there with the best. In the course of history, it has brought forth exceptional talent and brilliant minds. Public figures who came to Basel from abroad appreciated the open spirit and the city’s location on the border of three countries. They, in turn, helped foster a climate of innovation and creativity.

On the shoulders of giants

Paracelsus, members of the Bernoulli family and Leonhard Euler did research, Sebastian Brant and Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote books, Nietzsche, Jacob Burckhardt, Karl Barth and Karl Jaspers developed new philosophies and world views – and it all happened right here. In the 20th century, four Nobel laureates in medicine lived and worked in Basel. Today, the city is a leading location in Europe for nanotechnology and the life sciences. Academy award winner Arthur Cohn calls Basel home, and Roger Federer remembers being a ball boy at the Swiss Indoors, when he dreamed of taking the court himself one day to compete with the best players in the world.

Famous People


Dynamic mix

Basel has all the right ingredients: an international atmosphere, openness, and a diverse population; appreciation of art and culture, support for research and education, a business-friendly environment. Together, these qualities create a climate that nurtures creativity, a pioneering spirit, and the willingness to take risks, resulting in nothing less than groundbreaking innovations.