Favourable conditions

The economic policy followed by the government of Basel is clear. It deliberately does not actively intervene in the economy, but instead focuses on creating and maintaining attractive framework conditions.

The new Roche Tower houses the headquarters of the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company.
The new Roche Tower houses the headquarters of the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company.

Strengthening the strengths

The local economy is in a very good position. The important branches of trade all have a promising future, and Basel will remain an attractive location. A dynamic economic promotion focusing on the strengths of the area is an essential and integral part of Basel’s economic policy. The Canton of Basel-Stadt therefore focuses on the important branches of trade and leading companies. By «strengthening the strengths», Basel will become more attractive to specialised businesses. The Canton of Basel-Stadt expressly recognises Basel's position as an acknowledged centre of research and production excellence for the life sciences industries. Training and research facilities in this field receive particular encouragement. Other key sectors supported by the canton include the finance sector, as well as logistics and trade. Basel is furthermore a prime location when it comes to global and regional Headquarters.

Basel offers a full range of services to companies which are not yet represented in the canton itself: The Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and BaselArea.swiss both help companies with whatever issues may arise.

Industry and trade associations also offer a broad range of services to companies in Basel. Their interests are represented by the «Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt» (Basel-Stadt Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprises) and the «Handelskammer beider Basel» (Basel Area Chamber of Commerce) as well as the «Arbeitgeberverband Basel» (Employer’s Association Basel).

Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

The Canton of Basel-Stadt actively supports companies based here, so that they can achieve a higher added value and increase employment at all levels. In order to fulfil these objectives, corporate support is pursued systematically.

The Cantonal Government regularly holds dialogues on important topics with the management of large companies in Basel.

The Economic Development Unit takes care of SMEs directly. Thanks to the team of industry experts in life sciences, finance and logistics, roundtables and events can be organised on the latest, most important and sensitive topics. The goal of this dialogue with companies is to obtain feedback about location factors in order to exert specific influence for the future.


BaselArea.swiss is the office for promoting innovation and inward investment for the northwest cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura and supports both Swiss and foreign entrepreneurs and companies in the implementation of their innovation and business projects in the region.

With a network of over 8’500 qualified decision makers, innovators, experts and disseminators. BaselArea.swiss provides clients with targeted access to knowledge and specialist know-how.

BaselArea.swiss offers its clients services in four Areas:

  • Under Invest in Basel Region, clients receive decision-making aids tailored to their needs to help them establish their business activities in the region and are given expert advice throughout their establishment process.
  • Under Connecting Innovators, companies and researchers receive support in the areas of technology, R&D and innovation within the Technology Fields of Life Sciences, Medtech, ICT, Micro, Nano & Materials and also Production Technologies.
  • Under Supporting Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who settle in the region or start up a new company here receive general assistance with the operational implementation of their project. In addition, start-ups and expanding SMEs in the above-mentioned Technology Fields are provided with support through targeted networking with experts and investors.
  • Under Accessing China, companies from Northwest Switzerland who are seeking to expand into China can gain easier market access through a network of experienced partners and implement their expansion plans to optimum effect.