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Gold & Glory – Gifts for Eternity

Historisches Museum Basel

On the occasion of the 1000-year anniversary of the consecration of Basel Cathedral, which took place in autumn 1019 in the presence of Emperor Heinrich II, the Historisches Museum Basel is showing the special exhibition "Gold & Glory- Gifts for Eternity" in the Kunstmuseum Basel. 

The large show spreads out a cultural-historical panorama that opens up the reign and culture of the last Ottonian emperor in multiple perspectives. Precious loans from private and public collections in Paris, New York, Cleveland, the Vatican and numerous German museums present eyes on how central Emperor Heinrich II and his "golden gifts" for the city of Basel and the region in today’s border triangle were. The highlight of the exhibition is the Golden Altarpiece, which for the first time in many decades has been allowed to return from Paris to its place of destination.

Date & Time

11. October 2019 -
19. January 2020

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Kunstmuseum Basel