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Basel Autumn Fair celebrates an important anniversary

Präsidialdepartement Basel-Stadt

The Basel Autumn Fair will celebrate its 550th anniversary in 2020 and 2021. In honour of the occasion, there will be various fair-related activities for you to discover in the city centre throughout the entire year. The fun will kick off with a fair favourite, the Ferris wheel, which will be in action on the Münsterplatz from 24 October 2020 until 3 January 2021. A confectionery stand next to the Ferris wheel will be offering sweet treats, and visitors can learn interesting facts about the history and traditions of the Basel Autumn Fair from the four colourfully illustrated information pillars. In 2021, the four information pillars will also be located next to a traditional ride and a confectionery stand at other fair venues.

July 11, 2021 marks the 550th anniversary of the city of Basel being granted the imperial privilege of holding fairs. To honour this occasion, a weekend of celebrations for the general public will be organised from 9 to 11 July 2021.

Datum & Zeit

24. October 2020 12:00 Uhr -
07. November 2021 18:00 Uhr

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