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Vogel Gryff 2020

Drei Ehrengesellschaften Kleinbasel

On Monday the 13th of January 2020, the three honorary societies of Kleinbasel celebrate the Vogel Gryff with a day-long parade and folk dances.

The three heraldic figures (marks of honour) of the "Vogel Gryff" (Griffin), "Wild Maa" (Wild Man) and "Leu" (Lion) parade through Kleinbasel together with three drummers, three standard-bearers and four jesters collecting money for the needy whilst performing their traditional dances. The show starts at about 10.30 am with the Wild Man’s raft trip down the Rhine and ends late at night with the final dances. The event is conducted on a yearly cycle, alternating between each of the three companies "zum Rebhaus", "zur Hären" and "zum Greifen".


Date & Time

Mon. 13. January 2020

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