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4th Basler Frauenlauf (Women’s Run)

Basler Frauenlauf

No matter whether you’re a running queen, an occasional jogger, or just someone who enjoys running, all women are champions at the 4th Basler Frauenlauf. Thousands of women and girls are set to experience an exhilarating day with many highlights. Lots of fun and enjoyment are guaranteed. At the Frauenlauf Expo on the Marktplatz an enjoyable shopping experience and colourful accompanying programme are in place for the runners.

The 5.2 km trail of the Basler Frauenlauf extends along the Rhine and past numerous attractions in  Basel’s city centre. 10.4 km runners will run the trail twice. The starting shot is at 09.30 am.

Alongside the traditional performance evaluation for the run, the following special evaluations will also be made: largest group, most creative group and friends’ performance.


Date & Time

Sun. 12. September 2021

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Basler Innenstadt