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Flâneur - Das Stadtraum Festival Basel


The Flâneur urban space festival focuses on those who like to experience and discover. From May to the festival week in September, attractive islands of experience are generated by constantly changing locations, for example on the ship MS Christoph Merian.

The aim of the urban space festival is to convey a positive city experience and attitude to life. Short-term real estate uses, stagings in public space, activation of hidden city locations as well as creative redesigns of existing concepts and platform events create new attractive city experiences.
The Flâneur Festival reaches its peak on the evenings of 15 to 17 September! Between Marktplatz and Barfüsserplatz, the city will temporarily become a pedestrian zone. There will be various culinary options and live performances on site, covering everything from dance to music and showcasing all that Basel has to offer. 

Date & Time

08. September 2022 -
17. September 2022

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