Sustainable mobility

In the area of mobility, the Canton of Basel-Stadt is taking various measures to ensure effective environmental and climate protection. The revision of the cantonal public transport law ensures that the kilometres travelled by the Basler Verkehrsbetriebe (BVB) will be covered with 100 percent renewable energy from 2027. With the continuous improvement of the public transport infrastructure through the expansion and optimisation of the tram and bus network as well as the tri-national S-Bahn, residents and commuters have the opportunity to increasingly switch to public transport. This can reduce the number of vehicle kilometres travelled by motorised private transport.

A city of short distances

In the sense of a "city of short distances", measures for inward settlement development, for the promotion of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and for the management of parking space and mobility contribute towards a considerable reduction in vehicle kilometres and the burning of fossil fuels. In addition, the Canton of Basel-Stadt is using various measures to encourage people to get to know e-vehicles and is investing in the expansion of the charging infrastructure in public spaces. For example, 200 publicly accessible electric charging stations are to be installed by the end of 2026.

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