Good Relations

The Canton of Basel-Stadt values its external relations, be they at the regional, national or international level.

The Basel, Swiss and  German flags fluttering outside Basel City Hall.
The City of Basel maintains close ties with Switzerland and countries abroad.

At the international level the external relations are centred on collaborations and partnerships with the state of Massachusetts in the USA, Miami Beach, Seoul and Shanghai which have a direct or indirect beneficial influence on the development of Basel as a location. The canton of Basel-Stadt has also concluded a twinning agreement with Abidjan/Yopougon for the purpose of improving the living conditions of the local population.

More on the subject of partnerships

In the trinational Upper Rhine Valley, the border canton of Basel-Stadt maintains close relations with the regions of Baden and Palatinate (Südpfalz) in Germany and the Grand Est region in France.

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Within the north-western region of Switzerland, the Canton of Basel-Stadt works closely with the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Aargau, Jura and Solothurn. Together with these partners, the canton works to address common issues both at a national and cross-border level.

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The Canton of Basel-Stadt also promotes its interests on a national level: It follows business issues that are particularly relevant on a federal level for Basel and the region.

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