High Quality of Life

The 2019 Mercer study ranked Basel as one of the top ten cities with the highest quality of living worldwide. When you live in Basel, nothing is more than a few steps away. Museums, restaurants and clubs as well as parks and playgrounds. Breath-taking modern residential and office buildings, but also a medieval town centre and historic districts from the 19th century. Kleinbasel, multicultural and hip, versus the quieter and family-friendly residential areas at the fringes of the city. And all of this is easily accessible on foot, by bicycle, by bus, tram or car. Finally, Basel’s location on the borders of France and Germany makes it an ideal starting point for excursions into Alsace or the Black Forest.

Basel is a green city. Small neighbourhood oases and extensive city parks invite people to linger and enjoy sports, games and recreation in all seasons of the year. 
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Good schools, secure jobs

But that isn’t all: Investment in education is a priority. Basel’s schools are highly valued. Its universities foster budding talent for the region’s prospering businesses.

Living by the Rhine

The Rhine at once divides and unites Basel. The river flows right through the city, splitting it into Gross- and Kleinbasel ("Greater" and "Lesser" Basel). At the same time, the Rhine is a favourite meeting place as well as the city’s major landmark. Restaurants by the river serve food and drink in a pleasant atmosphere. And during the summer, the Rhine becomes the city’s biggest outdoor swimming pool.

What shall we do today?

For those who enjoy shopping, the choice ranges from international fashion labels and tiny boutiques to the fruit and vegetable stands at the market. Sports fans will get their money's worth at the ATP tennis tournament Swiss Indoors Basel, the Longines CHI Classics Basel show jumping tournament and the Yonex Swiss Open badminton tournament, and every game the Football Club of Basel (FCB) plays in its home stadium is a major social happening. For people who prefer to get active themselves, there is a wide range of leisure and sports activities to choose from. The many museums are also worth a visit. Cinemas, theatres, concert halls and music bars provide further entertainment. It’s almost impossible to feel bored in Basel!

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