Dynamic and at the heart of Europe

The Basel area has the most dynamic economy in Switzerland and is one of the most productive and innovative in the world. It provides jobs for around 300,000 people from Switzerland and abroad. By far the greatest economic value added is created by Life Sciences, represented by renowned global players such as Novartis, Roche, Lonza, Bayer and Syngenta. Other important industries are the finance sector as well as logistics and trade.

On the road to Europe

Favoured by its geographic location on the traditional north-south route through Europe, the Basel region has always been a major trading centre for goods. Many international companies use Basel as a base from where to access the European market.

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High Productivity

The exceptionally high level of education among the local populace makes it possible for companies to recruit highly qualified employees. This is reflected – even in international comparison – in the impressive productivity figures. As a border town, Basel also benefits from the availability of German and French employees (cross-border workers): Around 36,000 pass through the border controls on their way to work every day, and many of them are highly qualified specialists. And more employees come from further afield: people from more than 160 nations live and work in Basel.

Services and Leading Companies

There are several helpdesks for companies who are already based in Basel or who wish to start offices here: The Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and BaselArea.swiss offer many services for companies who are already based in Basel or who wish to start offices here, from counselling for start-ups, through information for employees and employers, up to and including the promotion of Innovation.