Basel is on top when it comes to culture, quality of life and innovation

Several recent rankings show that Basel truly is in the premier league both nationally and internationally. The city on the Rhine is home to one of the most prestigious art museums in the world and is internationally known as a city offering the highest quality of life. Also in terms of its economy and innovation, Basel ranks right up there with the best of them.

Mercer: Basel among the global Top 10

According to the "Quality of Living" ranking published by the international consulting firm Mercer in March 2019, Basel is among the ten cities with the best quality of life in the world. The study attests Basel a good economic, political and socio-cultural environment, excellent health care, a high level of security, good, internationally-oriented schools and an attractive real estate market. Every year, the consultancy firm compares the quality of life in the world’s biggest cities, surveying employees on assignments abroad. Basels’ inclusion in the 2019 ranking confirms, that Basel is a city with the highest quality of life.

Banks of the Rhine at Mittlere Brücke
<br/>Photo: Julian Salinas
Banks of the Rhine at Mittlere Brücke

Photo: Julian Salinas

UBS: the most innovative region in Switzerland

The competitiveness of Basel-Stadt is above-average, ranking third among all Swiss cantons. The UBS study conducted on 2018 measures the competitiveness of the Swiss cantons’ economies by means of the Cantonal Competitiveness Indicator (KWI). This is calculated using a comparative analysis of eight pillars: economic structure, innovation, human capital, labour market, accessibility, catchment area, cost environment and government finances. The data are analysed by, among others, the Federal Office of Statistics and UBS itself. In terms of economic structure, innovation, human capital and accessibility, the canton of Basel-Stadt ranks first. Thanks to the EuroAirport, the city of Basel has an excellent international network. The airport also has a positive effect on the catchment area, which is positively influenced by the geographical location of Basel and the associated number of commuters.
As a university location, the Canton of Basel-Stadt also has significant human capital; in terms of the educational standards of its residents, it ranks first, ahead of Zug and Zurich. In this field, Basel-Stadt has moved up one place since the last study in 2016 and has also advanced in most of the other categories.

Cantonal Competitiveness Indicator 2018

fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future

Basel ranks under the top 20 European cities of the future as a business location. This is confirmed in the recent study «European Cities and Regions of the Future » by the UK paper Financial Times. In the overall result, the city of Basel comes in 19th and positions itself better than Geneva. This makes Basel the eighth best Western European city and ranks fourth in the category of small towns.
Every two years, the Financial Times fDi Intelligence publishes the «European Cities and Regions of the Future» study. For the 2018/19 edition, the baseline data from 489 urban areas were analyzed to assess five settlement criteria: economic potential, work environment, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure and economic friendliness.

Academic Ranking of World Universities

Placed among renowned educational establishments worldwide, the University of Basel compounds the worldwidely acknowledged Shanghai ranking of the Swiss universities. In 2018, the University of Basel occupied the 96th place, and, emphasises thereby Basel’s significance as an education and research city with a history stretching back over centuries.