Urban green

Sustainable urban green enhances the quality of life
Basel is a green city. Cosy district oases and spacious city parks offer places to linger, engage in sports, play or simply relax. In charge of urban green, the departments and its service units are committed to the environment, biodiversity, well-being, health, exercise and social interaction.

Basel is a ‘Grünstadt Schweiz’ (Green City Switzerland)
With the aim of promoting green spaces in towns and municipalities, the Grünstadt Schweiz organisation has been awarding bronze, silver and gold labels to particularly dedicated, far-sighted and professional urban green design and maintenance projects since 2016. The award takes account of the growing demand for green spaces in guaranteed quality and certifies that the specific town or municipality is showing an outstanding commitment to green spaces, the urban climate and hence to the population’s quality of life.

The objectives pursued by Grünstadt Schweiz coincide with the strategic approach taken by the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The Government therefore decided in April 2018 to register the city of Basel as a Grünstadt Schweiz. Under the auspices of Stadtgärtnerei Basel, the wide-ranging commitment and activities of the administration were documented and prepared for certification. Grünstadt Schweiz awards points to assess the degree of attainment of the sixty measures. The audit took place in September 2018. In November, Basel became the fourth city to be awarded the Grünstadt Schweiz label in the silver category.

Working together for a green city

It is thanks to the commitment of numerous cantonal government authorities and administrative offices that Basel now proudly carries the title ‘Grünstadt Schweiz’. Further information on the respective activities is available from each department:

Always up to date
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