Basel: shopping city

The main characteristics of Basel as a shopping city are its diversity - a mixture of international top brands and distinctive local shops - the ease of access and short travel distances. Whether you go on foot, wandering through the beautiful old streets, or by public transport - with which Basel is particularly well served - you're bound to find it quick and simple to reach your shopping destination.

Two young women in good spirits walking along Freie Strasse in Basel.
Freie Street is the main shopping street in Basel and offers something to suit every taste.

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Freie Strasse

Freie Strasse is the top address in Basel and well-known even outside Switzerland for its great shopping. You'll find one international brand after another here, including Apple, Lacoste, Cos, H&M, Zara etc., endowing the street with the glamour that makes it so popular.

Spalenberg | Old Town

The area around the Spalenberg is overflowing with traditional charm – thanks not only to the beautiful old buildings and idyllic alleyways but also, of course, to its numerous shops. If you love to go in search of local, authentic and characterful shops away from the main shopping streets, don't miss taking a walk around the Spalenberg district. You'll be amazed by what you find!


If you want to be able to say that you have explored all of Basel's shopping areas, you mustn’t miss Kleinbasel. It's a part of Basel that is simply bursting with creativity and character, and it's also a great place to go shopping. With Riviera and Ahoi Ahoi all here, you'll find new, youthful and exciting shops that perfectly reflect the Zeitgeist of Kleinbasel.

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The city market on Marktplatz is nestled in the middle of an exclusive business area. 
<br/>Photo: Juri Weiss
The city market on Marktplatz is nestled in the middle of an exclusive business area.

Weekly markets

The city of Basel is characterised by its numerous attractive city and district markets, which create a congenial atmosphere with their high quality, freshness and friendly customer service.

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Der Basler Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Münsterplatz.
The Basel Christmas Market has long been a set date in the advent season schedule of visitors from near and far.

Basel Christmas market

The Basel Christmas market with its wonderful aromas and glittering lights is like a twinkling jewel, and from far and wide it even looks like one. At the heart of Basel stand approximately 160 selected goods and food stalls, which are all decorated with great care and attention to detail and custom built. Here you will find a rich selection of specialties, Christmas products and gift items, as well as a fine choice of refreshments.

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