Innovation Hub Basel

Basel is one of the world’s most successful economic regions. A unique concentration of innovative companies can be found in and around Basel as well as an outward-looking culture, an international environment, a framework which favours business and good working conditions. Along with its partners, the Canton of Basel-Stadt offers opportunities for networking and advisory services aimed at the promotion of innovation in the Basel region. A further factor is the “smart city” strategy, which is accelerating digitalisation. The objective is a sustainable increase in the quality of life while consuming minimum resources.

The new Roche Tower houses the headquarters of the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company.
The new Roche Tower houses the headquarters of the Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company.

Promoting Innovation

Basel-Stadt has joined with its neighbouring cantons in promoting innovation in order to be in a position to offer optimal services to companies.
Basel Area Business & Innovation, acting as the agency for the promotion of innovation and the entire Basel region, supports companies which focus on technology and innovation. Its seminar and workshop programme is the centrepiece of its service offering.

  • Founder course: The founder course is intended for all people and entities planning to start a company and is offered in collaboration with the IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen.
    You can find an overview of the upcoming courses here.
  • Innovation seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs: The advanced courses are offered exclusively for start-ups and entrepreneurs planning specific projects featuring innovation and technology. These courses focus on the examination of various business aspects such as business plans, funding, product development, pricing and intellectual property as well as marketing and communications.
    All events organised by Basel Area Business & Innovation.

Technology Park Basel

The Technologiepark Basel, located in the Stücki Park, offers innovative, early-stage companies just under 6,400m2 of office and laboratory premises at attractive conditions along with a shared infrastructure they can use plus a range of further services.

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

The SIP Basel Area is a physical location where research groups from industry, universities and private research institutes can collaborate on specific projects. The park is therefore creating a growth medium for a whole range of collaborative research and development projects and an enhanced flow of knowledge and technology transfer.

Smart City Basel

The Smart City Basel strategy is creating the framework for action by the government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to join with stakeholders and partners from business, academia, the general public and the surrounding communities in actively furthering the development of Basel as a “smart city”. The guiding principle of the strategy can be summarised as follows: “The government of Basel-Stadt is using modern technologies and digital data to target the sustainable development of the canton.” The SBB and the Canton of Basel-Stadt have opened the Smart City Lab Basel in the Wolf area of the city. The lab offers the opportunity to develop ideas, share know-how, use data and test technologies as well as experience and discuss all of these factors.