Art is everywhere

Exhibition room of the Kunstmuseum (museum of art) in Basel.
The cultural City of Basel offers art to suit all tastes.

Art is traditionally held in high regard in Basel. And it is not only the museums, art rooms and galleries that show a wide range of art. It is also the many artists from Basel themselves who like to display their work. They can be admired during the annual “Regionale” exhibition held at around twenty different establishments in the tri-national area, and the Kunsthalle Basel presents a yearly exhibition of the works sponsored with a grant from the Basler Kunstkredit.

Art is also being displayed in public places: Jonathan Borofsky’s Hammering Man, a steel and aluminium giant of 13.4 metres, works without pausing on the Aeschenplatz. It symbolises all those who work towards a safe environment that is worth living in. Another notable work is Richard Serra’s massive sculpture "Intersection" on the Theaterplatz and, just next to it, there is the fountain by Jean Tinguely with its water-spitting, playful, coquettish and melancholy sculptures. Sculptures and murals are part of Basel’s urban space, and are well taken care of.

The highlight of the art scene is, of course, Art Basel, the most significant art fair in the world. On four days in September, the whole city revolves around art. Many extra shows, smaller fairs and parties turn Basel into an exclusive city of art.